Monday, February 05, 2007

Soooo on Saturdays all of Paris waits in line at their favorite boulangerie to stock up on bread and other good things for the weekend. The lines drive out the door and onto the sidewalks. This past Saturday Nathalie, her nephew Maxons, Lucien and I visited Poilane. Poilane was set up after the French Revolution in 1789 in the basement of a 17th century monastery. At the same address Lionel Poilane started making bread in 1932, according to traditional methods. Nothing has changed since. Poilane bread is prepared an dbaked exactly the same way today: natural fermentation, manual techniques, 100-ton wood-fired brick ovens. We bought a beautiful loaf of their famous sourdough bread, a slice of flan for me, and a apple tart (which I unfortunately didnt get to try.)Flan was fabooo - a lot firmer than your mexican restaurant flan and with a flakey crust. And im still sucking down slices of bread whether it be with butter and amazing french jams or caviar spread and creme fraiche.


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