Thursday, February 22, 2007

Woooo hoooo I'm in the French Alps and light headed from the altitude. Thankfully I have plenty of cheese and bread to keep me grounded. Seems every local specialty is made of (guess what) cheese, bread, potatoes and ham. Above you can see me modeling a Tartiflette - amazing casserole made of a mixture of potatoes and bacon, with a whole round of Reblochon cut in half and laid across the top.

In the Middle-Ages, farmers in the mountains of Haute Savoie used to pay their taxes with part of their milk production. They did not fully milk their cows so as to lower their level of production. Once the tax officers came to measure the milk produced and left, the farmers went back to milk the cows again. The milk they got was much richer and was used to make Reblochon! Reblochon is aged in cellars or caves in the mountains. The cheesemaker turns the cheese every two days and washes it with whey in order to speed the aging process.


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ok, it's not about baguettes, but i couldn't be happier with this change of topic... CHEESE!!

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